Who we are?

Our team takes "My Racing Heart" to remember Ewy.

"I want to make a film for an audience worldwide, although at the same time keep my filmic language which most often can descibed as poetic and essayistic", says Director Milla Bergh.

   Directed by Milla Bergh

   Graduating in june 2020 at Documentary Filmmaking Programme at Stockholm University of the Arts

   Production Escathon AB

   Contact: milla@escathon.se

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Ewy remembers 1962

In her book "From beginning to end"

As soon as we get out of the city, I press down the accelerator pedal and increases speed: 160 - 170 - 180 km/hour. At 8.00.27 we reach Santiago del Estero's northwestern city border. It is the oldest of the cities in Argentina, that the Spanish founded. That was what Fangio told us, when we discussed today's route. On the right is the airport, as we cross the makeshift finish line.

Ursula gets out of the car to have our logbook stamped, but she doesn't show up. A competition official forces himself with a lot of effort but completely ruthless to the car through the mass of people pushing towards us from all directions. He has some police with him to retrieve Ursula. In this way, the formalities can be completed relatively quickly.

From this location we have 30 minutes at our disposal to take us through Santiago del Estero and reach the new starting line in the south end of the city. But the police have to come to our aid again, because the streets are partially blocked. With a few breaks, our fairly uniformed companions manage to help us get to the starting point at the old city gate. We are sitting in the car. It would be crazy to leave. Who knows: we might be carried from there. Time is running too slow. We are happy when the clock is approaching half past nine.

Meanwhile, four cars have come and stand behind us: number 607 (Stipicic), number 601 (Varela), number 611 (CARRIL with Volvo) and number 526 (MIGLIORE with Peugeot 403). They reached the target at the first city boundary between 8.08.20 and 8.13.32. So we already got a lead before Stipicic in 6 minutes 53 seconds. Just at 8.30.27 the flag falls on us. I give gas and put in gear four. We continue at 170 km/h. The Federal Road 9 on which we are now, is asphalted and fine. (Transalte from the Swedish book: "Från början till slut".)

Racedrivers from 1962

Atilio Viale del Carril and José Pepe Migliore.

Here they are, the men who chased behind Ewy and Ursula, day after day, during the 1962 competition. Atilio Viale del Carril, drove for the Volvo-team and José Migliore with a locally made Peugeot 403. Between the two gentlemen - Milla Bergh, Director.

   Ewy Rosqvist - Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb, #711, position 1

   Boris Garafulic Stipicic (1927-2008) - Volvo 122 S, #607, position 2

   Atilio Viale del Carril - Volvo 122 S, #611, position 3

   José Migliore - Peugeot 403, #526, position 4

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Snapshots rally Argentina 1962

The Swedish women were chased by six Volvos, two Peugeot and one Alfa Romeo Giulietta in the top 10. They have to drive faster and safer. Something you might just learn as a veterinary assistant on dirt roads. Ewy returned the car in such good shape that it could be used again and again during the next stage and win.

"Together we will remember"

Director Milla Berg's notes again

- With interviews of people in Argentina who remember and met Ewy and Ursula, not as talking-heads, but with their voices and images from their youth, we too will keep the feeling of it all coming to life.

- I want the viewer to be there, in 1962, although at the same time give them the opportunity to reflect upon lite itself, the time that is lost, how to preserve a memory, and to be amazed about the power of the story.

-We think this film has potential to travel, to go well beyond Sweden. We consider this film as much an Argentinian story, just as much as a Swedish, or even German story. We are looking for co-producers, productions companies, distributors, broadcasters, financiers, sponsors to help us further make this film came to life.